Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a campus to plant model?

    The campus-to-plant model is a way of planting a church where an existing church opens a new location (“campus”) in order to expand into a different geographic region. This new campus operates under the leadership and organizational structure of the sending campus until it is able to sustain itself organizationally and financially. The new campus then becomes its own autonomous church.

    Hill City is a great candidate for this style of church planting because we have outgrown our current capacity in our downtown location. This model is quicker to get off the ground than a traditional plant, but still gives the church adequate time to create its own DNA while it operates as a campus.

    Hill City Church is also well suited for launching a campus because it is a major part of our church story. We began in 2013 as a campus which later became a church plant in 2018. This experience gives us insight into how to plant utilizing the same method.

  • Why Garden City?

    We believe God is calling us to reach Garden City with the gospel! Garden City is a rapidly-growing area of the Treasure Valley and there aren’t enough churches to effectively reach all those living there. Also, many people who regularly attend Hill City live in (or west of) the Garden City area. Our hope is to mobilize those living in Garden City to reach their neighbors while providing a local church community for them to connect with.

  • Who is leading the team?

    After going through a church planting assessment in April 2024, Nick Duffel was named as the West Campus Pastor. Nick and his wife Beth are both Idaho natives and have been married since 2004. They have four boys and love having people over to their homes as often as possible. After two decades of ministry, Nick’s favorite part is still seeing people take the next step in their faith and encounter Jesus in a fresh way. Before coming to Hill City, Nick was the Lead Pastor at Canyon Springs Christian Church in Middleton.

    In addition to a campus pastor, we are hoping to hire additional staff roles for Worship and Kids ministry. Click the buttons to learn more.

  • What will Sundays look like?

    Nick Duffel is the campus pastor for Hill City West. He will be consistently preaching and leading the team as they meet regularly at Boise Bible College. The west campus will be launching with a 10 AM service time.

    Both West and the current (”Downtown”) campus will follow the same teaching series, and both will feature live worship and preaching. There will be kids classes birth-5th grade at Hill City West. Sunday youth will not be offered at Hill City West when we launch, but mid-week youth will still take place collaboratively at our downtown location.

  • Who might consider going?

    Anyone who feels called to help with this campus launch! We are praying for 120 people to join the launch team. We encourage everyone to pray to discern if God is leading them in this way, particularly people who live to the west of the Hill City Downtown location. If you live in the Garden City area or west of the Garden City area, would you pray about joining the Hill City West launch team this fall?