Staff Expectations

A staff member at Hill City is a partner, is fully engaged in the mission, possesses the leadership to move things forward, and has specific gifts that pertain to his or her area of ministry.

  • Partner

    A staff member is a partner at Hill City and is held accountable to the “Partner Agreement” (serving/attending church, giving, involved in a life group, etc). If you are not a Partner, you can become one by watching the Next Step Class video and filling out the commitment form online.

  • Mission

    We expect our staff to lead the way in fulfilling our mission to make disciples who walk with God, connect with people, and impact the world.

    Walk with God.

    Has clear faith in Jesus evidenced by Christlike character.

    Continues to seek growth through different spiritual practices (reading, prayer, silence, rest, etc).

    Connect with People.

    Belongs to a healthy community of peers that encourage and challenge the staff member to continue to grow.

    Creates a welcoming atmosphere in our congregation by intentionally engaging people in conversation.

    Impact the World.

    Regularly engages with unchurched people for the sake of the gospel.

    Helps people grow in their faith by pouring into them (mentoring/discipleship).

  • Leadership

    We look for three key leadership characteristics in our staff team.


    Values other people and looks for ways to serve people.

    Desires to grow personally and professionally by being open to feedback.

    Steps in and serves outside of his or her area of responsibility.


    Eager to move things forward and develops leaders.

    Effectively delegates tasks, to focus on the things that only he or she can do.

    Recruits and trains people to use their gifts in ministry.

    People Smart.

    Treats people with respect and promotes unity.

    Contributes to a positive environment that promotes unity on staff and in the church.

    Avoids gossip, negativity, or any other behavior that creates division on staff or in the church.

  • Gifts

    The gifts needed for each position vary depending on the ministry. Specific requirements should be outlined in the job posting.