As of October 18, 2020, Hill City Church & Capitol City Christian Church are merging together!


Over the last three months, our two leadership teams really set out to discern whether this would be the best decision for God’s Kingdom. We’ve prayed, fasted, discussed, shared with our churches, and solicited feedback. Another step we’ve taken is to read the book Better Together. It has been an incredibly helpful resource for discerning and outlining a merger process. The authors talk about how the most successful mergers are mission-driven. This means we aren’t just weighing the practical matters like attendance and budget, but the kingdom metrics of discipleship and evangelism. This is a mission-driven merger.


You might be wondering what this next season of transition is going to look like? The transition is going to take some time and we need your help. The plan at this point is for both congregations to continue meeting in their buildings through the end of the year. We will do a joint Christmas Eve service in the Capitol City building. Then in the new year, Capitol City will start meeting with Hill City at the building on Bogus Basin Rd. Our landlord has graciously agreed to allow us to go month to month in our current space. This will allow us to do some of the renovations to the Capitol City building. Once we have a more solidified construction timeline we will schedule a move-in date and have our first services at the Capitol City building all together, both congregations together as one. We are incredibly grateful to be moving into a beautiful, historic building that is fully paid off! We are humbled by this monumental gift that will allow us to dedicate substantially more of our annual budget to growing the Kingdom of God.


As you can imagine we’ll need help with moving things, building projects, and all that goes into this process. So if you would like to help let us know by clicking the  Volunteer button below. You can also donate specifically towards renovations by clicking the Give button and selecting the “Building Renovation” designation from the drop-down menu.


One way everyone can help is through prayer. Be praying for God to continue to lead us from this point forward. Check out some specific prayer needs in the How to Pray section.


If you want to stay in the loop with our communication make sure you follow us on social media @hillcityboise or fill out an online Connect Card with your name and email to stay in the loop.


We’re so excited about the direction that God is leading us. We invite you to partner with us as we help more people follow Jesus with everything because He first loved us.


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October 18, 2020




Why did they reach out to us at Hill City Church?

In March 2020, the lead pastor of Capitol City was called to a different congregation in Oregon. The elders at Capitol City have discussed several options for their future. They believe that a merger with Hill City Church is their best option. They see great alignment with the mission and vision of Hill City. They are excited to explore joining with a church that is effectively reaching the North End for Christ by making and growing disciples that follow Jesus with everything. All of the meetings between the two leadership teams have gone great and only further confirmed our alignment.

Who is Capitol City Christian Church?

Capitol City is a congregation of about 50 people. The demographic is an ethnically mixed and intergenerational ranging from young families to Christians who have been following Jesus for decades. The same congregation has been meeting in this building since 1910 and has gone through three different names: First Christian Church, Central Christian Church, and Capitol City Christian Church.

How would church leadership look after a merger?

Hill City would continue to be governed by the current Pastoral Leadership Team according to the structure described in the Bylaws. Two of the Capitol City elders would join the leadership team. This would allow for the Capitol City leadership to continue to have a voice as we merge churches.

What does a “merger” mean?

Capitol City Christian Church has invited Hill City church to prayerfully consider merging with them at their location at 615 N. 9th Street. Should this occur, we would become one congregation known as Hill City Church. We would be governed by the current Pastoral Leadership Team. The church would use Hill City’s mission, vision, statement of faith, and all other governing documents. At that time, all current members of both congregations will be asked to recommit to the mission and vision as members (a.k.a partners) of the newly merged church.

Who would preach each Sunday?

Lead Pastor Josh Branham would continue to preach the majority of the time. We would continue to occasionally have guest speakers from inside and outside of the church.

What ministry opportunities are available?

There will be many opportunities to prayerfully consider. Volunteers will be needed in leading worship, children’s ministry, students, Life Groups, and so on.

What are the financial implications of the merger?

Members of our finance committee have reviewed this proposal and are excited about the possibilities of what God can do in Boise through a potential merger. The Capitol City church building is paid off and has a relatively low monthly expenditure. Currently at Hill City, nearly 40% of our monthly budget is tied to our building (lease/maintenance/utilities). Should the merger occur, we estimate that number to drop to roughly 5% of the monthly budget. This single change would create massive opportunity for our combined church to advance the strategic mission of walking with God, connecting with people, and impacting the world!

What would happen to Capitol City staff and volunteers?

All paid church staff will be evaluated by the Pastoral Leadership Team and, if appropriate, be offered roles within the team. Capitol City ministry volunteers will have ample opportunity to serve in their areas of passion and giftedness.


What is the building like? Would it need renovations?

The building was built in 1911 and is a registered historic landmark. It is a large, beautiful building with seating for over 500. It's also contains a well equipped kitchen. The plumbing, electric, and geothermal heating have all been updated recently. The building is in need of some renovations. Should the merge occur, Hill City would likely enter into a large multi-phased renovation process. Some of the more immediate renovations would include the children’s area, classrooms, lobby, stage, additional bathrooms, and air conditioning. With all of the renovations, our vision is to restore the original beauty of the building and set it up for ministry use for another century. We also believe this building would offer us ample opportunity for growth.

Would there be enough parking?

Designated parking is limited, but there is a decent amount of street side parking. Capitol City has been allowed to utilize Boise High staff parking lot for Sunday gatherings. Beyond that, we see several other potential parking opportunities in the nearby area.

How will people feel about a traditional church building?

Our feedback from people, young and old, is that people would be very excited to worship in a church building with so much history. The stained glass and natural acoustics of the sanctuary create a great atmosphere for worship. We envision many people wanting to attend services for the experience of worshiping in one of Boise’s oldest churches.


When will we start meeting the people from Capitol City?

You may meet some Capitol City people who come visit on a Sunday morning at Hill City. Another great opportunity to meet people is at the monthly worship nights being held at Capitol City. Make sure to check out the events page to find out when the next worship night is scheduled.

What are the some of the steps in a merger timeline?

The congregation of Capitol City Christian Church is scheduled to vote on the merge on October 18th. If the vote passes, the legal work will start being processed, the launch date will be selected, and the specifics of a transition plan will begin. We will be inviting people to join us in helping make this merger successful. A Partner Meeting (either in person or video) will take place early in November for people to get more information on serving opportunities and a roadmap for the merger.


How have we discerned God's will in this?

Our Pastoral Leadership Team has been praying and discussing this opportunity since it was brought to us at the beginning of July. We also have taken time to fast and listen to the Holy Spirit through Scripture. We will continue to look for God’s leading as we receive feedback from the church, meet with the elders, and keep praying. So far, we have seen numerous confirmations that God is moving us in this direction.

What would happen if the merger doesn’t work out?

If this merger ceases to be a reality we would likely negotiate a new lease term for our current building. We would still love to move into a permanent facility, but that option realistically wouldn’t take place for another 5-10 years. We would continue to pursue the mission to make disciples and stay open to God’s leading.

Why are we considering this merger?

The merger fits into our mission at Hill City: Becoming and making disciples who walk with God, connect with people, and impact the world. Our discussion with the leadership of Capitol City began on July 7, 2020 and has involved much prayer and interaction. The merger will allow us to join forces with the wonderful people of Capitol City in reaching the North End & Downtown Boise for Christ. As leadership, we know that this church is God’s and we want to serve Him. Let’s together be dependent on God in prayer and express our confidence in Him by boldly acting in faith.



​​Please be praying for God to guide us through this process. Here are a few bullet points of specific prayer needs:

  • Mission - Pray that we would be able to see the mission of God grow through this opportunity.

  • Discernment - Pray for the leaders to continue to have the wisdom and Holy Spirit guidance needed to make the right decisions.

  • Relationships - Pray for people from Capitol City and Hill City to begin building a community together.

  • Unity - Pray that God would give our church a great sense of unity in this season.

  • COVID-19 - Pray that God would continue to sustain both churches as we navigate the difficulties of ministry during the coronavirus.

  • Provision - Pray for financial provision to be able to take care of any building improvements.

  • Future - Pray that our best days as a church would be ahead of us.


Get Involved

We are so excited about this merge! And so many of you have shared your enthusiasm and asked how you can get involved. Beyond continued prayer, here are two additional ways to get involved.

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