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Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is just as relevant today as it ever was. He is writing to church united with Christ, but divided with one another. This is not God’s will for those who are in Christ Jesus. In Ephesians, we learn that all of history is moving to the point where everyone and everything will be united under the kingship of Christ.

Stand Firm

Aug 29, 2021

Derek Voorhees

Walk in Love

Aug 8, 2021

Jake Wright


Jul 18, 2021

Josh Branham

Mystery of Christ

Jun 27, 2021

Josh Branham

New Relationships

Aug 22, 2021

Josh Branham

Old vs. New

Aug 1, 2021

Andrew Branham

Power & Love

Jul 11, 2021

Josh Branham

House of God

Jun 20, 2021

Josh Branham

Spirit Life

Aug 15, 2021

Josh Branham

Church & Growth

Jul 25, 2021

Josh Branham

Worth It

Jul 4, 2021

Josh Branham

Life After Death

Jun 13, 2021

John Whittaker

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